lesbian wedding dresses

cf1deb393b3b7c0c389b2fc4a1683156We picked out dresses months ago and I neglected to blog about it – probably because not being able to share photos of our choices sucks a bit of the fun out of it! (Update post-wedding – I added pictures of our dresses at the end of this post!) We don’t want to see each other until a few hours before the ceremony. As romantic as I think it is when couples do their first look at the actual ceremony, practicality demands that we take most of our photos beforehand – and that requires us to look at each other.

Katie won’t tell me what her dress looks like. She is convinced that I’m not going to like it – which is ridiculous because everyone who knows Katie knows she is equal parts stylish and gorgeous. The photo at the top left of this post is what she was originally looking for, but she now claims it does not look like this. Not sure if she’s trying to mislead me or what – but I am trying to avoid sleuthing because I want to be surprised. She ordered the dress in October and it should come in sometime in February. We went through Brandi’s Bridal in New Glarus (the town that boasts the famed Spotted Cow beer) and they were great – very welcoming and helpful.

I’m also wearing a dress, though not a white dress. I have yet to see lesbian wedding pictures where one woman wears a white dress and the other wears a colorful dress (though I’m sure there are photos out there somewhere) but we like this arrangement for a few reasons:

1) I know a lot of lesbian couples have a relationship that allows for one of them to wear a white dress and the other to wear slacks. That’s awesome – and I love slacks – but I also wear dresses fairly often and would prefer to be in one for my wedding day. Couples should wear whatever they feel most comfortable in – though when your partner requests you wear heels during the ceremony rather than sparkle Sperrys, you should oblige (at least if you are


2) I never wanted to wear a white dress. I wasn’t exactly the kind of little girl who daydreams about her wedding day, but anytime I thought of possibly getting married, I never imagined doing it in a white dress (of course I usually didn’t imagine marrying  a woman either…). I’ll be wearing dark purple, like the photo on the right. Not the exact dress… Katie does read this blog, after all.

3) I think it’s great if lesbian couples both want to wear white, but note the wedding day photos. Contrast is important in photography, so having white right next to white can end up looking like a cloud if your photographer doesn’t find ways to work around it. Our photographer actually asked about it so he could be prepared if we were going to be in similar colors. Probably not a big deal, but still something to think about.

So, Katie in some-shade-of-white dress, me in a dark purple dress, the gals in the wedding party in grey and the guys in black.